Ain't it funny how time slips away

Willie nelson tune done by dave matthews

"Ain't it funny how time slips away" - As played by Dave Matthews

This is a Willie Nelson cover.

main riff:


Play the main riff over the D chords.


D                 G                            D
Well hello there, my it's been a long long time,
D                               G                          D
how ya doin', how I'm I doin'?, well I guess I'm doing fine,


D                               D/F#           G              E
well it's been so long, but it seems, like we met only yesterday,
           A        G    G/F#    D
ain't it funny how time slips away,


Well how's your new love, how's your new love, I hope he's doing fine,
I heard you told him, that you'd love him till the end of time,


well that's the same thing, you told me, that seems like, just the other day,
ain't it funny how time slips away,


Well I'm gonna go now, and I guess I'll see you around,
I don't know when though, I don't know, when I'll be back in town,


But remember what I told you, In time it's gonna pay,
ain't it funny how time slips away,
oh it's suprising how time slips away,


D                                   C                 G           E
I'm just sitting in the dock of the bay, watching the time blow away,
A                  G    G/F#   A
ain't it funny how time slips away.

weird chords

D/F# : xx4232
G/F# : 200033

Tags: chords, country, dave matthews, willie nelson

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