Tony Rice-style licks

Some bluesy bluegrass licks in the Key of G styled after Tony Rice.

Example 1:
This lick can be used in a variety of ways and is easy to vary. It can be played over the G-D-G chord resolution at the end of a verse. There is an example of this in the video, where I use the lick to end Part 1 of Salt Creek.
tabstave notation=true notes 3-1/1 3-2-1/2 3s4-0/3 3-0/4 0/3
Example 2:
This lick is a great filler over a G chord.
tabstave notation=true notes 3s5/4 0-3h4/3 5/4 0/3 3p0/4 0/3

Tags: licks, runs, blues, pentatonic scale, tony rice

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